Fischer-Spassky 1972, Game 13, Move 27


UPDATE: 2016 September 6

I have added “Razor and Shaving Club Reviews” to my articles. It covers offerings from Dollar Shave Club, ShaveMob, Harry’s and Dorco and has some suggestions for you if you just want to find the best deal for your personal prefences. I have also republished my older, original five-part series called “The Pragmatic Shave”. This covers the various razor vendor options in a little more detail if you’re interested.

The majority of this blog has been temporarily taken offline. I will keep some pages available, like those related to chess sets or the Amazon Kindle E-reader. Occasionally, I will re-publish any articles I think may be interesting on the Articles page.

For those interested or curious, the picture above shows the state of the chess board during Game #13 of the famous Fischer-Spassky World Championship Match of 1972, right after move #27 in which White played 27. Nd3. Fischer went on to win that game, and eventually the match and title of World Champion by a score of 12½–8½. The chess set shown is my House of Staunton plastic Collector Series chess set.

Speaking of Fischer, Spassky and 1972, I just added pictures and basic information for the set that commemorates that match: the Reykjavik II chess set.

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