Fischer-Spassky 1972, Game 13, Move 27


The majority of this blog has been temporarily taken offline. I will keep some pages available, like those related to chess sets or the Amazon Kindle E-reader. Occasionally, I will re-publish any articles I think may be interesting on the Articles page.

For those interested or curious, the picture above shows the state of the chess board during Game #13 of the famous Fischer-Spassky World Championship Match of 1972, right after move #27 in which White played 27. Nd3. Fischer went on to win that game, and eventually the match and title of World Champion by a score of 12½–8½. The chess set shown is my House of Staunton plastic Collector Series chess set.

Speaking of Fischer, Spassky and 1972, I just added pictures and basic information for the set that commemorates that match: the Reykjavik II chess set.

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